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Boston Travel Guide – How to Have Fun on a Rainy Day – Meetrip


So that’s how it sometimes happens: you’ve mused over your weekend trip to Boston for a long time, booked the hotel, packed your bags, and arrived at your destination full of hopes and plans, and then suddenly the sky starts to frown, and clouds burst with rain leaving you frustrated. Do you think your weekend is wasted? Take ease! We will provide you with a list of things to do in Boston when the weather is not quite welcoming. With a positive attitude and a good Boston travel guide, you will surely have the time of your life, despite all weather forecasts.

1. Steaming Clam Chowder

Been to Boston and never sampled the famous clam chowder? Are you kidding? Head for Boston Chowda Co at Quincy Market and a have a good serving of the delicious, creamy seafood soup. Feel a warm sensation spreading in your body, filling you with delight. It is only the beginning of your unforgettable Boston travel.

2. Taza Chocolate FactoryChocolate Factory Tour

The next point of your gourmet journey with a Boston travel guide can be a mouth-watering excursion at Taza Chocolate Factory. It will not only get you busy for an hour or two, but also boost your happiness hormones, with its head-spinning chocolate-and-toffee aromas and delicious sweets that you will sample as part of your tour.

3. Exciting Sea World

When you’ve delighted yourself with all kinds of tasty treats, feast your eyes with the marvelous sight of sea creatures at the New England Aquarium. Encounter sea dragons, jellyfish, stingrays, and many other beautiful sea dwellers.

4. Amazing Museum Tours

Do you think museums are boring? A good Boston travel guide can prove you otherwise. Hide from the nasty weather in the shelter of the beautiful Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum and learn a mysterious art theft story that is still unsolved. And if your name is Isabella, you will be allowed to visit for free! You should also check the Museum of Fine Arts just round the corner — after all, it is much more enjoyable to stroll along the rows of fine paintings than to watch the rain from your hotel suite window!

5. Shop till you Drop in Beacon Hill

Rainy weather is not a reason to deprive yourself of a pleasurable shopping spree, as any travel guide will tell you. Just hop in and out the numerous shops in Charles Street (Beacon Hill) until you are fully satisfied and moneyless. Then just have a seat by the window and do some people-watching with a hot cup of espresso in the cozy Tatte Bakery and Cafe.

6. Pampering Spa Treatment

When the city meets you with chill and rain, there is hardly any better pastime than a relaxing spa treatment. Check the best spa centers with your Boston travel guide – for example, the Seaport Boston Hotel has an amazing range of services, from hot stone massage to skincare.

Boston House of blue7. Music for the Soul

Catch a concert at Boston House of Blues and forget about bad weather at all, as the sounds of music flow gently into your ears and reach your heartstrings!

8. Movie Time

The sweet smell of popcorn and an enticing plot of a good movie can make your day in Boston when it’s raining. With its 19 screens, Loew’s Boston Common 19 is sure to offer something you will like.

9. Dinner Cruise

Do not think that a dinner cruise is something you can only do in good weather – the Odyssey and the Spirit of Boston are the two boats that can take you on an amazing enclosed dinner cruise even when it’s raining heavily. From your cozy, warm, and safe boat, you will be able to see Boston in another, more dramatic light, when the weather is nasty.

10. Virtual Reality

Become a secret agent for an hour at 5 Wits. Here, you will be able to experience a realistic, cutting-edge adventure, which will make you feel like a video game character. A nice way to spend a rainy day in Boston.


A great Boston travel guide can make your trip exciting, whatever the weather is. So do not hesitate and plan your journey right now!


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