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Private Tour Guide – Meetrip


Private-Tour-GuideBrowsing for ready-made guided tours can be disappointing, as it is difficult to find the one that matches your needs exactly. Sometimes you do not have enough time or money. Sometimes you have to put up with visiting the sights you don’t really want to see, or stay at places you don’t really like. But do you really HAVE to do all that? Why compromise if you can have a trip of your lifetime with a private tour guide?


Benefits of a Private Guided Tour

You may choose the itinerary that you will love. See all the famous highlights on your way, or go off the beaten track to explore the lesser-known attractions.


You will save time and effort. Instead of spending hours googling, planning, booking, and making reservations, you can leave it to your knowledgeable private tour guide and just relax. Simple as that!


You will have a friendly and experienced companion. Navigating in a new city is a cinch when you travel with a personal tour guide – be sure to find your way quickly, without wasting a minute!


You will discover all the secret places. A private local tour guide means a person who knows the destination inside and out: low-key restaurants offering delicious dishes, hotels with the most efficient service, shops with best bargains, less crowded and atmospheric streets, as well as the spots offering spectacular views of the city.


You will feel the local atmosphere. A trip with a private local tour guide means that you will get to know the spirit and traditions of the place you travel to, as well as the people’s mentality, not just plain sightseeing. And it can be a much more exciting and memorable experience than a standard ready-made tour.

How to find a Good Private Tour Guide

Meetrip.com is a platform that connects travelers and professional guides all over the world. Just choose a destination and select a tour guide from the list. No more disappointments. No more time wasting. No more compromises. Your amazing personal guided tour is just one click away!

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Ralph Guyot-Jeannin
Travel Evangelist & Founder of Meetrip.com at Meetrip.com
My name is Ralph Guyot-Jeannin. I love to travel to different places, and so I always had wanted to open a tour and travel company, which would provide all the assistance that the travel lovers need. After many years of hard work, I have been able to establish such a company. My company, Meetrip is a web and mobile platform and it provides professional guides for different tourist destinations worldwide. We have over four thousand tour guides in more than 175 countries. The tourists’ appreciation of our services provides us immense satisfaction.

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