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Your First Visit to Paris – 6 Things you Should not Miss – Meetrip


Tour EiffelNever visited Paris before? You are planning your trip or you are about to go to Paris? Let us help you with some info about the most popular sights of this wonderful city when having your first stay there.


1 – Visit the number 1 sight – La Tour Eiffel


What would be Paris without visiting the all so famous symbolic Eiffel Tower? That is probably the first thing that pops up when thinking about Paris. The Tower Was built by Gustave Eiffel commemorate the centenary of the French Revolution and it was first presented 1889 at the Universal Exhibition Paris. With a height of 324 meters, the Eiffel Tower, with about seven million visitors per year, is one of the most visited monuments in the world!


You can’t miss this wonderful and unique view from the top! You have the option to go with one of the two lifts to the various floors. However bear in mind that the waiting time takes quite long, up to several hours even, especially in the summer months. For the more athletic among you, you have the possibility to use the stairs. 1,665stairs are waiting for you, good luck!

2 – Visit the World’s largest Museum – Louvre

The Louvre is another highlight of Paris. In terms of exhibition space, it is the largest museum of the world. Can you believe that approximately 9 million visitors pass it each year?! The former French royal palace is located in the center of Paris. You can find it between Rue De Rivoli and the right bank of the Seine. The Courtyard of this immense building represents the starting point for the “Axe Historique”, which is also called Triumphal Way. This visual axis runs through the west of the city and ends at the modern building Grande Arche in the business district La Défense. The collection has its origins in the 14th century and includes next to the Roman and Greek Antiquities Collection also Italian Renaissance paintings and the French and Flemish paintings. You will find art pieces by famous artists such as Dürer, da Vinci or Raphael.


We recommend you, if you wanna avoid long queue at the Louvre, to buy the tickets online.

3 – Enjoy great views – Sacré Coeur

Sacré Coeur is next to the Eiffel Tour and the Louvre one of the most visited and popular places in Paris. You can find this wonderful basilica of Romanesque-Byzantine architecture on the hill of Montmartre. Sacré Coeur Was completed in 1914 and inaugurated in 1919 after the1st World War. It has an altitude of 83 meters and the great dome alone measures 55 meters. In addition to this Sacré Coeur has the largest bell in France, called”la Savoyarde”, which is very impressive. Today the Basilica serves as an example of sacred architecture.


The best way to get to Sacré Coeur is through the small parkS are Willette, or walk up the 237 stairs or take the Funicular which is a small train pulled by ropes that takes you comfortably to the top. A recommendation is to go in the early morning or late evening to avoid as the number of visitors is reasonable then. Enjoy the great view over Paris, it will take your breath away for a second.

4 – Visit the old Notre Dame

A good piece of history and one of the most enduring symbols of Paris: Notre-Dame Paris, also known as Notre Dame, which is a Roman Catholic cathedral on the eastern half of the IledelaCité.


She is well known for being one of the finest examples of French Gothic architecture in France and Europe. The construction began in 1163 and it was completed in 1345. Today it is one of Paris great symbols and a true piece of art. You should walk around the whole cathedral as it looks different from every side! Of course don’t miss the inside and get up the 387 steps to the top of the towers. The climb to the very top can be exhausting, but it will be worth it, because from there you will have an amazing beautiful panoramic view of the area and the Seine. Take a closer look at the famous gargoyles you always see on postcards!

5 – Walk along the Champs d’Elysee to the Arc de Triomphe

Arc de Triomphe The Champs Elysees is certainly one of the most beautiful and famous streets of Paris. It starts at the Place de la Concorde, on the right bank of the Seine in the 8th arrondissement and runs west to the Place Charles de Gaulle and the Arc de Triomphe. It is also part of the “Axe historique”a number of monuments, which extends from central Paris to the west.


Stroll around the Champs D’Elysee with all the shops, bars and restaurant to finally reach the Arc de Triomphe. Under the 49.54 higharc there is a candle burning, also called the”Eternal flame of remembrance” (flamme du Souvenir),in memory of the unknown, never identified soldiers of the 1stWorld War.On July the 14th(French National Day)the annual military parade begins on the square.


You should try out the panoramic terrace, which is located on top of the Arc from where you have a great panoramic view of Paris and over the Triumphal way.

6 – Visit an architectural masterpiece – Opera Garnier

A very well-known historical Monument is the Opera Garnier or Palais Garnier which you find in the 9th district of Paris. It is considered as a world-renowned architectural masterpiece! The Opera House was built on request of Napoleon III and forms part of the Parisian Haussmann style. However the architecture is composed of a mixture of baroque, classical Greek and Napoleonic styles. To get the most of it, we recommend a guided tour of the Opera Garnieras the impressive and magnificent facilities are commented with information by a guide that will add extra value to the visit. It Is definitely worth it. In addition, you can also visit an exhibition of old stage costumes and sets.


Having visited all these sights, you already got a glimpse of what Paris has to offer! Of course there is more to discover, but everything step by step.


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