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A Perfect Day in Montmartre: Paris – Meetrip


MontmartreMontmartre is a must see place in your visit to Paris, in 19th century Montmartre was incorporated with Paris city. This place was famous for entertainment, cheapo liqueur. This place is known for its bohemian spirit. Think absinthe, cabarets and cancan dancing. This was the spot to be back in the day. Today the original bohemian spirit might be hard to find, but it’s still worth to exploring the streets of Montmartre. And we have got the best budget plan options to plan out your day.

Getting Montmartre and Getting Started

The easiest way to getting Montmartre is by Paris Metro. Two metro lines are available either you can take metro line 12 to abbesses to get halfway up the hill, next option is metro line 2 direction to Blanche to start on the main Boulevard.

A Climb to Religious Height

The Sacre Coeur basilica, this basilica was officially opened after the end of World War 1, it’s hard to miss this area it is the crowned jewel of the district. Tourist can photograph the amazing view of city below after visiting inside of the spectacular church and it’s free to visit.

 Art on Display

Just west of Sacre Coeur, the Place de Tertre, you will be confronted by the full brunt of the tourism industry in Montmartre.


You can see artists on the streets and squares that people come to see for a good reason. All artists in the square are vetted by the mayor’s office, actually producing their own work; they are in a real deal. Some of the art are actually worth with the elevated price tags that come with the arts.

Best Baguette in Paris

Baguette sandwich in Paris are good and cheap, in Montmartre you can find the shop Grenier a Pain, twice this shop has won the prize for the best baguette in Paris.


Montmartre have plenty of quaint streets and cute areas to explore during a visit, it’s a wonderful historic district in Paris.

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