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Great Places to Visit in Porto – Meetrip


Portugal is filled with beautiful cities and cityscapes but one of the best to visit is the coastal city of Porto. This is the city where Porto wine and Portugal got their name. If you visit Porto you will be filled with history, wine, and little places like hidden away coffee shops and bookstores. Some people have even said that J.K. Rowling lived here for a little which could’ve helped inspire some of things that appear in her magical books.

If you visit Porto then here are some great places to experience!

Lello Bookstore


Lello Bookstore:

This beautiful store has been named the third best bookstore in the entire world. There are no pictures allowed within the store, which adds to the cozy feel of it. You don’t want to be distracted by all these cameras when surrounded by thousands and thousands of beautiful books.


Majestic Café

The Majestic Café:

This place has been named one of the top ten most beautiful cafes in the world. Feel like a native when you sit outside on this café, next to the bustling street as you enjoy an espresso. Built in the 1920’s this was the place where socialites would go to be seen. Hopefully you’ll see yourself here during your visit in Porto.


Sao Francisco Church

Sao Francisco Church:

One of the most intricate and breath-taking churches in all of Europe is this church set in Porto. This extremely intricate church as an interior that’s entirely made out of gold! Think about how many karat’s must’ve taken to build this masterpiece.


Casa De Musica

Casa De Musica:

This house of music is known for the oddly shaped building that world-renowned architecture, Rem Koolhas, created. This casa de musica looks has if it’s sitting on a point, almost like giant dice. It is certainly worth a visit, and just based on the outside one can only imagine how beautiful the interior must be!


After the 2016 Euro Cup a visit to Portugal is an absolute must! Especially a visit to Porto for it’s beautiful coastal café’s and shops, as well as the wine that is from that region.


Esso Koudjowou
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