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Best tourist cities of Ukraine – Meetrip


Lviv-coffee-mineEastern Europe is an area that is rich in culture and history. Ukraine is one of the most visited countries in Eastern Europe, known for it’s orthodox churches and it’s coastline on the black sea, there is plenty of sightseeing opportunities in Ukraine.


I’ve decided to try to break up all the best sightseeing from different cities in Ukraine, for your ultimate tour!




If you need coffee in the morning before absolutely doing anything else then Lviv is the place for you, because it actually has a place where you can mine your own coffee beans. Yes at Kopalnya Kavy, there is a coffee mine, and you can tour the mines and try out some specialty brews!


In order to learn more about the history and culture of Ukraine, the middle eastern population is typically Armenian, and there is an Armenian Cathedral which has been the heart of the community for centuries. Visit this beautiful cathedral and take in the pure beauty of the architecture and edifice of this church.



One of the main things that Kiev/Ukraine is known for is it’s large following of Orthodox Christians. One of the main sightseeing points in Kiev is the Kyevo-Pecherska Larva, which is a large Orthodox church that has white walls with gold domes on top. It is truly a magnificent sight to see!


Along with churches, Kiev is riddled with Museums. If you visit Mother Motherland than you can see a beautiful war museum with a sword-bearing statue out front that has become a main place for sightseeing in the last decade or so.


Best time to be sightseeing in this city is during the summer. Odessa is the largest city on the coast of the black sea and is known for its beautiful architecture and beaches. So while sightseeing, and visiting all the touristy places, be sure to stop by the beach and wade into the cool water.


While enjoying the beautiful outdoors feel free to head over to the Odessa city garden. This garden is in the center of the city and it is a great place to be during the summer. It has the orchestral concert area, as well with a beautiful pavilion, and plenty of sculptures and other monuments. This garden is absolutely breathtaking.


Ukraine is full of great places to visit. The entire country is made for sightseeing! Be sure to hit up these wonderful cities on your way through the country.


Esso Koudjowou
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