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Slovenia: The 5 Outdoor Attractions You Must See – Meetrip

Slovenia is a fairytale land of lakes, rivers, mountains and valleys. From the comfort of resorts in the large cities, many of Slovenia’s top outdoor attractions can be easily reached via bus. However, with so many places to see and do, putting together your itinerary might seem daunting. Let me be your guide in choosing where to travel in Slovenia.


Lake Bled

Lake Bled

Perhaps Slovenia’s most iconic lake, Lake Bled is a perfect outdoors adventure for the whole family. In the center of the lake there is an island, upon which stands a beautiful 17th century church. The lake is open for swimming and boating, and thanks to its close proximity to the city of Bled, getting to it is as simple as walking down the street.


Lake Bohinj

Thirty minutes from Lake Bled, you can see one of Slovania’s most scenic lakes. Located in the Triglov National Park, Lake Bohinj has many activities for the outdoorsmen such as swimming, cycling and rafting/canoeing. The lake also serves as an excellent spot to base a hike in the park.


Logar Valley

Logar Valley

Located about an hour and a half from Bled and Ljubljana, the valley is the setting of many local legends.The entire valley seems out of time and has a magical mysterious quality to it. The valley is surrounded by the snowcapped Kamnik-Savinja Alps and offers breathtaking views, hiking and cycling.


Postojna Caves

About an hour south of Ljubljana, the Postonja caves are an amazing sight to behold. Discovered in 1819, they are the second largest cave system in the country and have been one of the biggest tourist attractions for many years. There is a train tour that goes through most of the caves and the rest can be seen on foot.



About 2 hours from Bled, Bovec is a small town next to the famous Isonzo River. The most popular attractions here include white water rafting and kayaking. The water is crystal clear and is the perfect place to get the adrenaline pumping. You can purchase passes for rafts and kayaks from various companies in the area.


Esso Koudjowou
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