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First-timer’s Guide to Visiting Russia – Meetrip


Russia is a must-visit tourist destination for everyone – its incomparable beauty, rich history and impressive sights create lasting memories and provide a unique experience. The world‘s largest nation, bordering Europe, Asia, the Pacific and Arctic oceans, offers endless possibilities for exploration, but for the first-timers it is essential to visit two most important cities of Russia – Moscow and Saint Petersburg. Even though at first a trip to Russia can seem difficult and nerve-wrecking, when you return home after visiting this fascinating country you will have forgotten any struggles you might have encountered.


Trinity Cathedral in Saint Petersburg


Moscow is the capital of Russia and one of the biggest cities in the entire world. It is famous for many exceptional historic monuments and churches that allow tourists to explore Russia’s centuries-old history. The central square of Moscow, Red Square, is a great place to start your visit –the plaza contains the most exquisite buildings such as St. Basil’s Cathedral, Lenin’s Mausoleum, State Historical Museum, and impresses tourists by its size and grandeur. One of Russia’s landmarks, St. Basil’s Cathedral, is known for the colourful and unique design that is said to be much more beautiful in reality than in pictures. Lenin’s Mausoleum, situated in Red Square, serves as a tomb and display of Vladimir Lenin’s preserved body and attracts thousands of tourists every year, so be ready for a long queue! The Moscow Kremlin also deserves special attention – the official residence of the President is best known for its palaces, cathedrals, and the surrounding Kremlin Wall. Finally, in order to make the most of the trip to Russia’s capital, one has to pay a visit to Moscow’s metro. In addition to being a cheap, fast and efficient means of transport, it allows you to explore numerous magnificently decorated stations that are thought to be the most exquisite in the world.


St. Basil’s Cathedral, Moscow


The second largest city and the cultural capital of Russia, Saint Petersburg, is also said to be the most Westernised Russian city. However, its palaces, museums and churches reflect the city’s importance in the history of the country. Church of the Saviour on Spilled Blood is a must-visit place for all tourists of Saint Petersburg and is worth exploring both from outside and inside. One of the world’s largest and most prestigious museums, the State Hermitage Museum, occupies a complex of six buildings and houses more than 3 million items. The baroque white-and-azure Winter Palace, the former residence of the Russian monarchs, was designed to reflect the power of Imperial Russia and it definitely lives up to the decadent sentiment of the era. In front of the palace, there is the impressively spacious Palace Square with the Alexander Column and several other historic monuments, which create an extraordinary experience for all its visitors.


The list of the places to visit in Russia is endless; the best way to learn about the country’s history and heritage is to immerse yourself in the cultural atmosphere and allow it to impress you!


Esso Koudjowou
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