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Ethiopia Travel Guide – Meetrip


Ethiopia is a fascinating destination to visit for many reasons. Country‘s ancient culture can be observed wherever you go – its historic heritage and incredibly old relics impress all Ethiopia‘s visitors. Moreover, it offers some exceptional activities for the bravest – African safaris and feeding hyenas will not leave you indifferent! With this travel guide to Ethiopia, we aim to present you the must-see places and the most entertaining things to do in this amazing country.


Addis Ababa


First of all, you have to explore the capital of Ethiopia, Addis Ababa.This safe and cheap city contains not only the largest market in Africa and numerous impressive churches, cathedrals and mosques, but also the National Museum of Ethiopia. The museum houses many precious archaeological findings, including the oldest hominid in the world, “Lucy”.


In Aksum, one of the oldest cities in the whole continent, travellers can find some of the best relics and artefacts. Around the entire city, there are ruins of the ancient Aksumite Empire that existed from approximately 100-940 CE. What is more, Aksum is also the supposed location of the Ark of the Covenant – what more can you ask for?




A great choice for those looking for something a bit more extreme – the city of Harar. Here you can feed hyenas – this probably the most popular tourist attraction of Ethiopia is definitely not for everyone. Every single night, you can go to several locations of the city and feed these animals, who are so used to humans that will not attack you as long as they are distracted by meat!


Finally, there are even more incredible places to visit in Ethiopia – the castle complex of Gondar and Lalibela’s churches, carved out of stone, are just a few of them. It is much better to see something once than to hear about it a thousand times, so don’t hesitate to visit this amazing country!


Esso Koudjowou
My name is Esso. I am quite desirous to travel various tourist spots all around the world. I had a thought for a long time to make an organization that will deliver some wonderful travel guide assistance. After many years of hard work, I have become able to establish the company, Meetrip. Our expert travel guides always get them involved in delivering their wonderful services, so that their customers can be highly satisfied while their tour session. Most of all, we prefer to deliver our services within very reasonable prices.


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