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How to save money on New Year’s Eve? – Meetrip


It’s true that everyone wants to save money on New Year’s Eve. We all want to spend some quality time with family and friends during the holiday. And we all want to have fun to kick off the New Year. Therefore, it can put a big dent in our budget. So how can you celebrate your New Year’s Eve without spending much? This article provides you the best ways to get the best deals on New Year’s Eve when travelling, going out or just staying at home.


Book your flight as early as possible when considering a travel abroad


Whether you are flying on New Year’s Eve or even on Christmas Day, buy no later than the big day to save some serious cash. As a matter of fact, if you want to travel and look to save even more money, you should have your plans in order. Book your ticket now. Why? Because the fares will keep going up if you don’t book it early. That’s because the sooner you book, the less you will pay.


It’s time to make sure the dates of your travel and buy your airline ticket as early as possible. If you  wait until mid December, the fare goes up as the plane is selling out. Besides, if you don’t buy your ticket now, flights will get more and more full, so it won’t be too easy at all to book your flight if you don’t get it now.


Apart from that, you should consider flying on New Year’s Eve, given the fact it would be the cheapest day to travel. In the event you want to book flights on low-cost airlines in Europe, in the United Kingdom, in America or elsewhere, just check out these following websites: Air Asia, Kayak, Skyscanner, EasyJet, etc.


Remember to count the fees, including your baggage fees and your food purchases before booking your flight as it may cost almost all of your money. In other words, you should watch out for hidden fees as low-cost carriers may charge for bringing a carry-on bag on board.


Stay local on New Year’s Eve


Many people plan to go out for New Year’s Eve, and they decide to stay local without spending too much money. By staying local, you have the possibility to know where are the places to visit and what you can get for your money. You can personalise a unique travel experience as a local.


Furthermore, if you are looking for a local hotel, you can discover easily what they offer in terms of services. There are some hotels that offer discounts on New Year’s Eve. And it won’t be difficult for you to find restaurants that have some specials to enjoy. You can find local food that may help you not to spend too much money too.


On top of that, stay local to save on transport costs. You can save gas of the car you are driving. If you consider renting a car on NYE, you can also take the opportunity to find out local car rental companies that offer luxury rental car as you can see from this link.


Another top tip is shopping in local supermarkets for everything you need. However, you should remember you will always stay on budget.


Host your own party at home to save more money


Throwing a party at home is a good idea in order to save money. The aim is just to enjoy the festivities without going broke. You can get some extra features with the people you actually care about. Of course, going to a bar or night club will spend you hundreds of dollars as they will be jacking up prices. Whereas if you stay at home with your families and just some of your friends, you can ask them to bring an appetizer, snacks or a dish to save money. In addition, to enjoy a special party on New Year’s Eve, you can make it a potluck! By this way, it will be affordable for everybody.


Throughout all this, you are not missing out on anything. Indeed, even if you stay at home, you can do everything that people do at a bar or club. For example, if you want to dance, sing, and drink champagne, you are not limited to any of that. Moreover, staying home on New Year’s Eve will keep you safely off the roads. Additionally, if you will go out, it’s sure that everywhere is packed with drunk party-goers.


On the other hand, you can throw a party at home for your kiddos. You can  invite their few close friends as an example. You also have the possibility to limit the guest list for cheap. You can set your own budget. You can organize party games to entertain guests of all ages.


Research on various restaurants and hotels if you decide to go out


Before going out to celebrate the big day, it is very important to do a research that may charge a lesser fee. Let’s say you will go out dining with your families in a restaurant, you will probably look for reasonable dinners. You can hit up  a local restaurant. Be aware of these restaurants that may ask you a charge for entry. There are some restaurants that will request for a flat fee as well, that include the appetizer and drinks.


If you want to reserve a hotel room, you should think about how many nights you will stay there. Know if the hotel offers cheap eating options. Also, you should book it as soon as possible. Hotel rates can soar for the holidays, so every day closer to NYE you wait could cost you much money.


But beyond that, it is a good idea if you will stay at a business hotel, considering that no one is travelling for work, so those business hotels tend to take a beating over the holidays. There is a list of favourite budget hotels you can find on the Internet by doing a research. You can even find some great deals of hotels by going through newspapers.


All in all, you should follow all these tips for keeping New Year’s Eve affordable! No matter where you find yourself  for the big day, just remember to stay on top of your balance. What is more, having fun and making memories is a great way to start off the new year.

Kristina Vaitekunaite


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